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Control System Upgrade: Lyophilizers

Control System Upgrade for Production Lyophilizers

Duration- 6 months


Upgrade the existing control system for production lyophilizers at a large biotech company.

Scope of Work:

The project scope included:

  • PLC and HMI Upgrade for Multiple Lyophilizers
  • ControlLogix and iFIX
  • Programming
  • Design Documents (DDS, SRS, FRS)
  • Functional Testing
  • Protocol Development and Execution
  •  FTBatch HMI/SCADA

The Mangan team collaborated with the onsite automation staff and business users to perform design reviews to optimize HMI displays and screen navigation.


Project was completed successfully on time.

Particle Monitoring System Integration


  • Major Global Pharmaceutical Corporation

Project Duration:

  • 3 months


  • Mangan was contracted as a final attempt to integrate an automated particle monitoring system for a large pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, located in the Eastern USA
  • Three principle components were to be integrated for the client , including the monitoring system’s software, a legacy Matrikon OPC Server, and a Siemens Building Automation System (BAS).
  • Previous attempts for a seamless integration of the monitoring system had failed, by the in-house engineering team, the manufacturer of the particle monitoring system, and by another contract engineering and automation firm.


  • A specialized team of Mangan personnel familiarized themselves with a unique Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) communication software package employed by the client server.
  • Unlike the particle monitoring system manufacturer, Mangan personnel were also well versed in the clean environment and regulations containing the system.


  • Mangan personnel deconstructed the DCOM authentication process across the network and then determined the means of interfacing with the particle monitoring system and the BAS software.
  • Use of a virtual machine (VMware Software) allowed Mangan personnel to test the independent components of the facility, confirming that the new design configuration would function properly and be robust.


  • Mangan personnel were able to identify and then reconfigure significant software design changes to the existing monitoring system that not only allowed the system to seamlessly integrate with the client’s legacy server and BAS but also made the system less complicated to operate and even brought the total project cost down by eliminating unnecessary and redundant software components.