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Building a Data Integrity Culture

“ALCOA+ = Data Quality, Reliability and Assurance”

How do you ensure Data Integrity?

Start by asking the question: “Is Data Integrity part of our culture?”  Data Integrity should be a core value of your culture that is promoted throughout your organization from the top down.  A typical program will include:

  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Risk Assessment Approach for Computerized Systems
  • Process and Procedural Controls
  • SDLC Methodology (GAMP5, etc.)
  • Periodic Review Approach
  • Testing Approach
  • Data Integrity
  • Change Control & Change Assessments
  • Part 11 / Annex 11
  • Training
  • Record Retention/Archival
  • System Decommissioning

What we do?

Mangan Biopharm offers personnel who can provide Data Integrity assessments  for your systems supporting GxP activities in the heavily-regulated biopharmaceutical Industry.   Whether your scope is a single system,  complete DI program development, or an audit of your existing program against current industry standards, Mangan can provide resources to fit your specific needs.

Why choose Mangan?

After twenty years of providing services to our clients, our personnel have the expertise to work with you on projects of all sizes.  Regardless of project scope and size, Mangan Biopharm can provide expert professional services to deliver projects on time and on budget without sacrificing quality.


Data Integrity Principles

Good Documentation / Data Practices 

Good documentation and data practices extend from paper records into electronic records and management of both.  Data Integrity has at its foundation quality data and an understanding of how the data is used to support GxP activites.  A common definition of quality data includes data that meets the principles of ALCOA or its extension ALCOA Plus.  



Information is captured in the record so that it is uniquely identified as executed by the originator of the data (e.g. a person or a computer system).

Legible, Traceable, and Permanent:

Data are readable, understandable, and allow a clear picture of the sequencing of steps or events in the record so that all GXP activities conducted can be fully reconstructed by  the people reviewing these records at any point during the records retention period set by the applicable GXP.


Data recorded at the time they are generated or observed.


the first or source capture of data or information and all subsequent data required to fully reconstruct the conduct of the GXP activity.


Data are correct, truthful, complete, valid and reliable

Plus (+)

The plus component of ALCOA adds the following intrinsic principles:


All data are available, nothing has been deleted (evidence: audit trail).


Data are recorded chronologically with data and time (evidence: audit trail).


Data are accessible for an extended period of time – after 20 years.


Data are accessible over the lifetime of the product.

Systems Experience

  • Quality Systems: Trackwise, Documentum, MasterControl, Pilgrim
  • LIMS: LabWare, LabVantage
  • EMMS: Maximo, Blue Mountain
  • Drawing Management: Adept, BlueCielo, Autodesk Vault
  • CDS: Empower, OpenLab
  • Data Historian: OSI Pi, IP21,
  • DCS: Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Platforms, DeltaV
  • BMS/BAS: Siemens, Rockwell
  • PLC/SCADA: ABB, Rockwell, Siemens, Wonderware

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Example Projects

TrackWise Modifications for Change Management

Commission and Qualify the new Change Management group of workflows in TrackWise/Quest. The new Change Management project included 5 workflows (3 new and 2 modifications of existing workflows). The Change Management workflows will be utilized at three sites and qualified for use at each division and additionally as a global division for managing changes shared across sites.

Control System Upgrade: Lyophilizers

Control System Upgrade for Production Lyophilizers Duration- 6 months Overview: Upgrade the existing control system for production lyophilizers at a large biotech company. Scope of Work: The project scope included: PLC and HMI Upgrade for Multiple Lyophilizers...

Particle Monitoring System Integration

Client: Major Global Pharmaceutical Corporation Project Duration: 3 months Overview: Mangan was contracted as a final attempt to integrate an automated particle monitoring system for a large pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, located in the Eastern USA Three...